Rebecca Resnik and Associates

Rebecca Resnik and Associates, LLC, is trusted in the Bethesda area for providing excellent psychological care. Resnik and Associates’ highly-trained clinicians provide evidence-based care in a comfortable, supportive environment. Resnik and Associates’ clients work with clinicians who have strong credentials. They know clients have high expectations. They also believe that choosing a highly qualified clinician does not mean having to sacrifice the quality of the experience.

Resnik and Associates’ had a vision to showcase their practice through a modern, engaging digital presence. To make this vision a reality, Resnik and Associates’ enlisted the help of 80Port, its talented team of developers and marketing strategists. Key objectives were to showcase staff expertise, increase visibility, value, and brand recognition. 80Port got to work planning and designing an approach to revamp the online brand, website, and digital presence. 80Port designed an exciting and user-friendly responsive website that makes Resnik and Associates’ appealing for all demographics served. We determined an overarching strategy for making the site more engaging to drive conversions, working closely with Resnik and Associates’ team to create an experience that resonated with their target markets.